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School of the Arts Screenwriting and Creative Producing Workshops

Monday, June 9, 2014
Screenwriting and Producing instruction and dedicated workshops are in high demand internationally. Columbia University School of the Arts is uniquely positioned to export around the globe our unique pedagogy and strong record as leaders in the field of teaching writing for film and television and the business of film.
In the past five years, when our faculty and administration have traveled to visit Columbia Global Centers and the communities they serve, we have posed the question of what the School of the Arts might contribute to various local filmmaking communities. Overwhelmingly, local film students, film industry professionals, and film organizations express a strong desire for instruction and mentorship in writing for the moving image, as well as a practical need for quality instruction in the business of film, specifically creative producing - pitching, funding, and distributing their films
locally and internationally.
Whether the local film industry is mature and booming (as in Western Europe, China and India); rapidly developing and evolving (Middle East, Latin America); or nascent (Africa), our colleagues overseas are repeatedly asking us for assistance in training local writers and directors in how to effectively tell stories on film and how to effectively produce and pitch their films.


Professor of Professional Practice in Film in the Faculty of the Arts


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