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Rio de Janeiro Instructional Leadership Project

The Columbia Global Centers | Latin America (Rio de Janeiro) has been actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with TC and have organized visits by TC faculty and staff.  During a visit to Rio by CPRE staff in the summer of 2013, meetings were held with both local and state officials in Rio.  The Ministry of Education in the state of Rio de Janeiro was undertaking an ambitious school improvement program in the secondary schools under its jurisdiction.  The central strategy of the initiative was to develop leadership teams in each school charged with analyzing data on the school’s performance and developing and implementing plans to improve conditions in the school and its performance.  The Ministry invited TC to assist with this initiative.

The proposed professional development for school leadership teams in Rio de Janeiro would address the following six domains of work:
1.    Accepting Responsibility for the Quality of Teaching
2.    Learning about Effective Practices
3.    Learning to Observe, Monitor, Analyze
4.    Practicing Strategies for Building a Community of Practice
5.    Learning to Coach Teachers and Provide Feedback
6.    Supporting Continuous Improvement

Status:  Not yet funded.  Potential funders, Ministry of Education personnel, and Global Center’s staff agreed that it would be wiser to pursue this initiative after the gubernatorial elections being held in October 2014.  Funding will be sought after the elections are complete and the support of the new administration has been secured.

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