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Global Law in Finance Network (GLawFiN)

Global Law in Finance Network (GLawFiN)

Background: GLawFiN is a collaborative research project to explore the legal foundations of our domestic and global financial systems. It is a global network of academics and doctoral students devoted to examining the explanatory power of this theory with Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School), Dan Awrey (Oxford University) and Brigitte Haar (Frankfurt University/House of Finance) and doctoral students drawn from all three universities. 

GlawFiN activities include 

  • Teaching at Columbia and beyond

A Winter School on Law and Finance was held at Columbia University’s Global Center in Paris in January 2014 for 25 doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and assistant professors in law, economics, history and political economy from around Europe, sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking. The winter school was co-taught by Dan Awrey, Brigitte Haar and Katharina Pistor. Katharina Pistor also taught at St. Gallen University and the Trento Summer School on Financial Crisis.

  • Research

The current focus of joint research projects is securitization, collateralization, and more generally, the legal foundations of liquidity of financial markets 

  • Outreach

A workshop held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on 17 June, co-organized and co-sponsored by the Chicago Fed, Notre Dame University, Oxford University and Columbia Law School’s Center on Global Legal Transformation to explore the implication of the Legal Theory of Finance for derivatives markets and their regulation. 

The project is funded jointly by the Max Planck Research Award granted to Katharina Pistor for her work on international financial regulation and the Institute for New Economic Thinking


Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law


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