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Girl's Puberty Book Projects

Books aimed at girls ages 10-14 explore experiences of puberty, menstruation, and education in different countries.


In 2009 Grow & Know developed and disseminated an initial 16,000 copies of "Growth and Changes," a book aimed at empowering and teaching 10-14 year old girls about their changing bodies. The book was an immediate success, with the Tanzania Ministry of Education approving the book for its primary school curriculum, and UNFPA and UNICEF supporting the publication of additional copies. To date, over 320,000 copies have been published with support from the Nike Foundation, UNFPA and UNICEF. Currently, UNICEF is aiming to raise funds in order to provide copies to the estimated 1.5 million 10-14 year old girls in Tanzania. News about Tanzania Girl's Book

In 2011, participatory research began with adolescent boys in Tanzania, with the aim of developing a boy's puberty book for 10-14 year old boys. The Tanzania boy's puberty book has just been published, with 15,000 copies being distributed in 2013.

Ghana, Ethiopia and Cambodia

The participatory research with adolescent girls to adapt the girl's puberty book to Ghana, Ethiopia and Cambodia is completed. In Cambodia, 27,000 copies of the Cambodia girl's book have been distributed, and the Ministry of Education approved the book in 2013. In Ghana, 16,000 copies of the Ghana girl's book were distributed, and the Ghana Education Service approved the book in 2012, and the Ghana Health Service in 2013.  The Ethiopia girl's puberty book is finished, with over 40,000 copies distributed and approval received from the Ethiopia Ministry of Education. We are continuing to aim for scale up of the numbers of copies published in all three countries.



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