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Digital Justice: Public Discourse, Censorship, and the Technologies of Dissent

Responding to President Bollinger’s call to expand the campus conversation about Equal Justice, this proposal, Digital Justice, harnesses the emerging field of “Digital Humanities” towards critically engaging with questions of digital publics, free speech, censorship and technologies of dissent.

We propose three rounds of workshops at the Global Centers in Mumbai, Amman and Santiago where local NGOs, artists, and academics can think through the implication of these global concerns in their specific geographies.

These conversations will lead to a series of publications, lecutures, tools, and other digital artifacts that seek to affect change for digital justice globally. We will conclude with a symposium at Columbia in the last year of the Project to summarize and present the research to Columbia community at Morningside and to think about the long-term impact.

We aim to work with the Global Center Directors in shaping the individual programs and to involve a diverse array of faculty across the three years of the project.



Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature


English and Comparative Literature
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