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China’s Health Aid to Africa: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities

Monday, June 9, 2014

China’s development assistance to Africa has increased steadily and dramatically in the past decade, yet there has been limited attention and scholarship on the extent and impact of China’s health-related aid to Africa. The proposed two-year project seeks to further the understanding of this issue through engagement of faculty and students from Columbia University and Tsinghua University in Beijing in formative research and partnerships with key stakeholders in several African countries with diverse China health investments. The project will culminate with a high-level symposium where project findings will be shared, research agenda discussed and adopted, research partnerships solidified, and plans for furthering the work beyond project funding period finalized. Dissemination of project findings will be through a project website, academic conferences and publications, national and international meetings, and generation of a project report. 


University Professor Director, ICAP Dr. Mathilde Krim-amfAR Professor of Global Health (in Epidemiology)


College of Physicians and Surgeons , Public Health
Epidemiology Department
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