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James F. Phillips

Professor of Population and Family Health at the Columbia University Medical Center
Public Health
Population and Family Health, Heilbrunn Department of
60 Haven Avenue, Suite B-2 New York, NY 10032 USA

James Phillips, PhD, conducts research on health systems and policy issues in Africa and Asia. Dr. Phillips collaborated with the Ghana Health Service in designing, implementing, and evaluating the Navrongo Experiment, a study that provided conclusive evidence that family planning services can lead to fertility decline in a traditional African societal setting. Improvements in maternal and child health associated with the project represent the most rapid declines in maternal and childhood mortality ever recorded for a rural African population, with service systems of the project becoming the model for a national program known as the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Initiative. Based on his work in Ghana, Dr. Phillips has developed and tested methods for accelerating the pace of scaling-up initiatives around the world, including in Vietnam, where Dr. Phillips collaborates with provincial health authorities on models for reducing ethnic disparities in health service utilization. Based on work in Bangladesh, he developed models for mechanizing the replication of database systems, leading to the proliferation of longitudinal health research in Africa. Dr. Phillips has published various papers in leading journals documenting his work and the impact of policy experiments in Ghana and Bangladesh.

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