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New University Initiatives

Columbia Global Reports

The current landscape for accountability journalism—for example, investigative reporting and serious, critical policy reporting—is facing numerous challenges, including traditional revenue sources (circulation and advertising dollars).  Universities are uniquely positioned to preserve this critical source of information.  Columbia Global Reports will produce between four and six reports per year of about 25,000 words each; each report will address a specific topic, with the enterprise taking an incremental approach to addressing the state of the world on a variety of topics.  They will be written by journalists, some by academics, and some coauthored.  The reports will be timely, making an original contribution in ideas and information, and will be accessible to a general educated audience.  The works will be disseminated through conferences and meetings, as well as the standard venues of print and online.

University Forum on Global Columbia

The University Forum on Global Columbia was conceived to create a University-wide conversation about what it means to be a global university in the 21st century, as well as to identify strategies and implement changes that will transform Columbia into a true global University. This conversation will be facilitated by a series of forums throughout the year engaging the entire Columbia community from students and faculty to administrators and alumni. 

Each forum will target a specific segment of Columbia’s constituencies and will be organized around select questions relevant to that constituency. Questions will consist of both substantive intellectual questions and operational or organizational questions. All Forums will be streamed live with the ability to ask questions remotely and will be recorded and posted on Columbia’s global website to continue the conversation. At the end of the academic year, the discussions from the forums will help inform a shared vision for a Global Columbia and an implementation strategy for the vision.

Global Freedom of Expression

The Global Freedom of Expression project will seek to contribute to the development of an integrated and progressive jurisprudence and understanding on Freedom of Expression around the world, by establishing an electronic platform (the Platform) of information and ideas that will survey and analyze international, regional and national Freedom of Expression jurisprudence and issues, and provide user-friendly access to such information. The Platform will represent an evolving body of collective thought that will reflect, shape, and reinforce Freedom of Expression jurisprudence and legal understanding.

Global Policy Initiative: 

The Columbia Global Policy Initiative is distinctive in its determination to confront these challenges while developing a community of dialogue and genuine deliberation among the principal directors and researchers of the projects it supports. The Initiative helps to identify, plan, and support projects that address practical solutions to global problems.

The Columbia Global Policy Initiative is:

Project-focused, searching for applied solutions;

  • Research-based, drawing on in-depth, rigorous analyses;

  • Multidisciplinary, combining arts and science with the expertise of professional schools;

  • Multi-university, welcoming co-sponsored projects, nationally and globally;

  • And responsive to the needs and voices of stakeholders.

We also interact with the Columbia Global Centers around the world to ensure that our projects reflect the views and voices of the multiple stakeholders and policymakers affected by global problems. By working on specific global problems, the Columbia Global Policy Initiative will both enhance university scholarship and teaching and contribute to the solutions of pressing global problems.

President's Global Innovation Fund

The President's Global Innovation Fund awards grants for faculty members to leverage and engage the network of Columbia Global Centers. The program is designed as a venture fund to enable the development of new projects and research collaborations within and across these sites, in order to increase global opportunities for research, teaching, and service.

Projects supported by the Fund must engage with at least one of Columbia’s Global Centers. The centers are a global network of flexible regional hubs for a wide range of activities and resources intended to enhance the quality of research and learning at the University. Their presence on the ground provides agency – catalyzing interactions with local and regional academic communities, institutions, governments, and other partners. These interactions encourage academic reciprocity between local thinkers and the Columbia University scholarly community—facilitating a global dialogue that transcends geographic, economic, cultural, and social barriers. 

The President's Global Innovation Fund is designed to help Columbia faculty members maximize the impact and opportunities created by the Columbia Global Centers network. Projects may be sited in a global center’s city or in other locations in the regions served by a global center, as long as they leverage and engage the Columbia Global Centers network.