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W. Edwards Deming Center for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness


A consortium of leading institutions chartered with the exchange of research, best practices and strategic planning to create operational excellence in major corporations worldwide.

“Experience by itself teaches nothing; it must be coupled with theory, with profound knowledge” — W. Edwards Deming

The Deming Center, located within Columbia Business School, was founded in 1989. It promotes operational excellence in business through the development of research, best practices, and strategic planning.


The Deming Center sponsors applied research, disseminates best practices, supports focused education and professional development, and fosters partnerships with companies in the area of operational excellence.


The Deming Center pursues a three-pronged approach in its mission:

  • Train a new generation of managers by developing curriculum materials on operations management and strategy for use at Columbia and other schools
  • Reach senior executives through forums, executive education, and publications
  • Conduct applied research that will produce new knowledge related to the field of operations management