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Santiago Research Cell


SANTIAGO-RC (Santiago Research Cell) was established in 2013 as the first attempt to develop a new type of GN node aimed to provide for a flexible organizational structure. Santiago-RC deploys a research-based community able to generate its own knowledge and to provide Global Network initiatives with new regional input.

The Research Cell model is a pilot to sustain and expand the Global Network by means of people and their ideas. It can be reproduced wherever GSAPP Alumni may want to work together to produce new research and knowledge within the GSAPP Global Network. The cell is a collective and fluid body, with a flexible organizational structure and no fixed space. Any GSAPP Alumni can plug-in to this group, which is based on research projects related to the city, environment and architecture. In other words, it is a group that will be joined only through concrete and funded projects. As any cell, it survives through replication.