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Polish Graduate School of Education (PGSE)


The FUNDACJA DOBREJ EDUKACJI (Foundation for Quality Education, “FDE”) in Poland is designing and establishing a new Polish Graduate School of Education (PGSE) intended to improve the quality of new teachers entering the Polish school system.

The School will promote evidence-based practice, and serve as a model to influence other teacher education programs.  This teacher training institution will offer a 10-month postgraduate program for young people with M.A. or, less frequently, B.A. degrees.  The program will include education and content domain coursework as well as lengthy placements in government schools with support from a teacher-mentor and PGSE clinical faculty.  A full diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the program and satisfactorily meeting the standards of a performance assessment.

Teachers College (TC) and FDE are collaborating on the development and delivery of professional development to prospective faculty at PGSE and assisting with curriculum design and implementation. The work that TC is doing currently with the Center for Citizenship Education (CEO) in Poland will be a source of professional development schools for training of students enrolled at PGSE.