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Office of Global Programs


The Office of Global Programs at Columbia University works to empower students in cultivating new knowledge and gaining the skills needed to be active and informed citizens of our global community.

The Office of Global Programs ensures international educational opportunities that provide intellectual rigor, cultural immersion, and personal, academic, and professional growth by:

  • Working closely with the faculty and our partner institutions worldwide designing, developing, and supporting programs that encourage students to study in other countries.
  • Advising Columbia undergraduates on potential programs internationally and ensuring that their time abroad supports their academic goals at home.
  • Providing information about, and support in applying for,  fellowships and scholarships.
  • Developing and managing international collaborations and strategic direction.

Studying in a foreign country represents a significant enhancement to your Columbia education. Study abroad expands the walls of the institution and offers you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the larger global community of which we all take part. Students engaged in international study discover insights into other cultures, develop new perspectives, and learn to reflect on how their own culture has shaped their understanding of the world. 

Integrating international study as part of your undergraduate experience takes forethought, research, and planning. This site is designed to guide you through the steps in the process. The Office of Global Programs, along with your school and departmental advisors, are ready to help you as you undertake this next step in your education. It is time to embark on what will become one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime!  Get Started!

A semester or year abroad takes planning and forethought. Many of your questions will be answered here, but we encourage you to stop by the Office of Global Programs to speak to an advisor regarding the wide variety of study abroad options that you have.  Your school advisors and major advisors can also help you find the optimal way to integrate a term or year abroad into your academic program at Columbia. 

Columbia is continually working towards building a network of opportunities around the world designed to provide a broad portfolio of international options to its undergraduates. Reviewed and approved by the Faculty Committee for Study Abroad, Columbia students can choose to study abroad on over 200 programs in over 150 cities for academic credit.

Columbia Programs

These are programs which are managed by the Office of Global Programs on behalf of the academic departments at Columbia and our partner institutions. All students including Columbia/Barnard, consortium member students, and students from other universities can find detailed information about each of the programs by clicking on the program in the menu to the right.

Columbia-Approved Programs

For students who are interested in studying abroad in other locations, there are a large number of approved programs, exchange and direct enrollment institutions. These programs may be managed by another university's international office (e.g. Middlebury's Programs in Russia), an academic consortium (e.g. CIEE in Brazil), or an outside organization in partnership with local institutions (e.g. Interstudy at the University of Cape Town). 

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