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MDG Centre of East and Southern Africa


The MDG Centre works with over 500,000 people in supporting the Millennium Villages Project and related scale-up activities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It impacts many more people in the region by providing surrounding countries with science-based advice on poverty alleviation and development.

The mission of The MDG Centre is to provide scientific, technical and policy support to governments and other stakeholders to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and help eradicate poverty. The Centre works at multiple scales—village, district, national and international— to bridge the gap between global commitments and local action towards development.

The Centre utilizes an integrated, cross-sectoral approach that addresses interdependencies across different disciplines. We believe that in order to make lasting change in any one sphere of development, we must improve them all. The Center promotes wider dialogue on the MDGs and development efforts, and facilitates action from diverse stakeholders, including civil society and the private sector.

A primary emphasis is placed on rural development in Africa, but The Centre also works to facilitate south-south linkages with Asia and other developing regions of the world. These efforts have been given greater impetus in the last two years as the MDG Centre was incorporated into the Columbia Global Centers network.

The MDG Centre’s flexible operational and staffing procedures are designed to ensure a rapid and effective response to requests.

The work of The MDG Centre aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Support the implementation of the Millennium Villages Project and ensure its lessons inform national investment plans and policies.
  2. Support the implementation of the Africa Green Revolution.
  3. Support the implementation of the Millennium Cities Initiative.
  4. Support the identification and implementation of Quick Impact Initiatives across all sectors.
  5. Mobilize the support of the private sector through the identification of market opportunities and public-private partnerships.
  6. Synthesize, publish and disseminate “best practices” for achieving the MDGs.
  7. Generate greater public and political awareness and advocate action for achieving the MDGs.


  • Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in the Center for Global Sustainable Development in the Earth Institute