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International Fellows Program


The International Fellows Program, directed by Stephen Sestanovich, is a two semester seminar offered by SIPA and open to all majors.

Columbia University is a global institution where students from around the world and faculty from all disciplines address the rapid political, economic, social, and intellectual transformations of our time. Through its International Fellows Program (IFP), Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) has for half a century offered students a unique course of graduate study that combines a heightened understanding of international change with practical preparation to deal with the new world it is creating.

The International Fellows Program is a two-semester seminar open to students of all graduate degree programs at Columbia University.  The diverse perspectives and professional backgrounds that fellows bring to the program enrich their year-long common enterprise.

All fellows receive a stipend and study a curriculum with two goals – to examine the origins of the current international order, in which the United States has for decades played the leading role, and to look ahead to the new world that will eventually take its place, dominated by a larger number of actors, new problems, and approaches to problem solving that have yet to be defined. Weekly meetings of the International Fellows Program are supplemented by study trips to Washington, D.C. and the United Nations, where fellows have extraordinary access to senior policymakers, diplomats, legislators, journalists, and leaders of non governmental organizations.