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Institute for Data Sciences & Engineering


Columbia University, in a partnership with New York City, launched the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering to fill the explosive need for the acquisition and analysis of “big data" in July, 2012.

The Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering at Columbia University strives to be the single world-leading institution in research and education in the theory and practice of the emerging field of data science broadly defined. Equally important in this mission is supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial ventures emerging from the research the Institute conducts. To accomplish this goal, the Institute seeks to forge closer relationships between faculty already at the University, to hire new faculty, to attract interdisciplinary graduate students interested in problems relating to big data, and to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners. The Institute seeks to attract external funding from both federal and industrial sources to support its research and educational mission.

This interdisciplinary Institute will address the unprecedented challenges and opportunities posed by our data-rich society. Each of the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering's six centers will function as both an engine of translational research and education in the data sciences, and a source of technology projects with high commercialization potential. A dedicated faculty group and their students will be housed in customized facilities dedicated to:

  • Cybersecurity Center
  • Financial Analytics Center
  • Foundations of Data Science Center
  • Health Analytics Center
  • New Media Center
  • Smart Cities Center