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Historical Dialogue and Reconciliation


Historical Dialogue and Reconciliation is a scholarly initiative that explores historical memory, dialogue, and reconciliation, especially in the context of Turkish socio-political conflict.

Spearheaded by Prof. Elazar Barkan of the Institute for the Study of Human Rights, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA) brings together academics, representatives of civil society organization, journalists, educators and artists as well as policy makers who all pursue historical dialogue in conflict, post-conflict and post-dictatorial societies. They address the political ramifications of the historical legacy of conflicts, as well as the role and impact of the memory of past violence on contemporary politics, society and culture.

AHDA is partnering with leading non-governmental organization, Anadolu Kultur/Hafiza Merkezi on the Historical Dialogue and Reconciliation Project, which aims to establish an inter-disciplinary network to enhance much needed regional cooperation between academia and civil society and facilitate the exchange of case studies, methodology and practices of historical memory, dialogue and accountability. The network will include partners from Turkey, Cyprus, Israel/Palestine, and Lebanon as well as additional countries in the region. 


  • Professor of International and Public Affairs, Director, Institute for the Study of Human Rights