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The Hertog Global Strategy Initiative


The Hertog Global Strategy Initiative is a research program that employs historical analysis to confront present and future problems in world politics.

The Hertog Global Strategy Initiative is a research program that employs historical analysis to confront present and future problems in world politics. Each summer, invited experts and select undergraduates, graduate students, and mid-career professionals gather at Columbia University for three months of intensive study, independent research, and collaborative writing on a critical issue in international affairs. The 2013 topic was: The History of Climate Change and the Future of Global Governance.

The program consists of three key components 1) a selective seminar of 15-20 students with a demonstrated interest in the topic, 2) elective courses open to seminar participants and students enrolled in Columbia University’s summer session, 3) a weekly lecture series of renowned experts that is free and open to the public. Our seminar aims to produce new discoveries in several interrelated fields and to demonstrate the transformational potential for collaborative research on historical subjects too large for individual scholars to tackle on their own. Participants work closely with leading scholars, meet key policymakers and learn critical skills in archival research, oral history, and computational analysis. Our elective classes and lecture series seek to encourage community participation and contribute to a broader understanding of these critical issues.

The program was made possible by a gift from the Hertog Foundation, which was founded by Roger Hertog. A graduate of City College of New York, Hertog is chair of the New York Historical Society; chair emeritus of the Manhattan Institute; and a trustee of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, the New York Public Library, the New York Philharmonic, and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. He is also vice-chair emeritus of Alliance-Bernstein L.P. In 2007, he received the National Humanities Medal.



  • Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of International and Public Affairs
  • Newberry Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Director, Institute of Social and Economic Research and Policy, Professor of History