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Global Initiatives at School of Nursing


The Global Initiatives at Columbia University School of Nursing program facilitates education, research, and clinical care by fostering strategic partnerships that advance the practice of nursing throughout the world.

The mission of the Office of Global Initiatives of the School of Nursing is to contribute to the improvement of the world’s health through service, education, practice and research at home and abroad.

  • Provide leadership and leverage existing strengths within the School of Nursing to facilitate knowledge sharing among students and faculty of international partners
  • Foster future generations of nurse clinicians who understand the needs and challenges of providing culturally competent care to diverse populations in other countries and who are experienced in world health issues and challenges
  • Provide educational opportunities to faculty and students in the developing world to ensure they have experiential learning opportunities in global health sites
  • Build international field site capacity for training experiences that will provide an opportunity for students and faculty to adapt sophisticated care to meet local cultural and resource needs and create access to these sites
  • Facilitate international partnerships for education, practice and research with peer institutions and study-abroad consortiums that facilitate enrollment at universities and that are sustainable and replicable. Establish joint programming in order to emphasize all partner schools’ strengths and create a joint vision of nursing in all educational venues
  • Increase numbers of students embarking on global health professions and resultant opportunities for translation of classroom knowledge to the field through mentored clinical experiences
  • Support creation of new and innovative global health courses at CUSON
  • Support development of web/internet based teaching tools and methods for sharing of information
  • Collaborate with international partners to obtain funding from private foundations and government agencies for global health initiatives


  • Dean, School of Nursing, Mary O'Neil Mundinger, Dr. P.H. Professor of Nursing, Professor of Health Policy and Management, Senior Vice President, Columbia University Medical Center