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A Free Press for a Global Society


A Free Press for a Global Society harnesses dialogue among influential thinkers and policy makers to promote a culture of free speech and free press around the world.

On November 3 and 4, 2010  high-ranking government officials, leaders of NGOs, journalists, First Amendment scholars, business leaders, and Columbia students and alumni participated in the inaugural event of a Columbia University forum series titled,A Free Press for a Global Society.  As transformative changes in technology and the marketplace force traditional media to rethink long held assumptions, there is no shortage of challenges to preserving the benefits of a free press in our global society.  Divergent notions of sovereignty and disparate views about the value of an open society must be reconciled with the free flow of information.  A consensus needs to emerge in the United States and among nations regarding global legal norms for governing the press and the international legal institutions responsible for enforcing them.   The capacity for producing high quality reporting for our interconnected world will have to be enhanced and, in some instances, created anew.

Watch the video with President Lee Bollinger. Key Questions and Comments from Mumbai Attendees at "A Free Press for a Global Society."


  • Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs, Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of International and Public Affairs
  • Robert L. Lieff Professor of Law