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Columbia Global Centers | Santiago


Columbia Global Centers | Santiago assists Columbia in the development and execution of its research and teaching programs in Chile and the Latin American region.

The establishment of the Columbia Global Centers | Santiago in March 2012 under the leadership of Karen Poniachik represents a milestone for Columbia University. The Center has established extensive partnerships with the local academic community, organizations, and policy groups that have a wide range of programs.

The Center occupies a 400-square-foot, two-suite office on the first floor of the Flacso building in the Vitacura neighborhood of Santiago, adjacent to the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the office of the International Labor Organization. The Center also enjoys full access to the Flacso building’s auditorium, which seats up to 70 guests, as well as two classrooms with a capacity of 40 people each. The Center currently employs one full-time staff member based in New York, and a part-time assistant in Santiago.


  • Assist Columbia University in the development and execution of its various research and teaching programs in Chile and the Latin American region
  • Serve as a regional base, enabling the Columbia University academic community to interact on a local level with students, faculty, and alumni
  • Leverage Columbia University's superb research capabilities to initiate projects focus in Chile and the South Cone on a variety of issues and to offer assessment, advice and solutions to support Chilen sustainable development.
  • Promote the collaboration and exchange of professors and students, as well as the development of joint programs between Columbia University and local universities. 


Columbia Global Centers | Santiago

Av. Dag Hammarskjold 3269, 1st Floor, Vitacura, Santiago – Chile  

Phone: +56-22-2283600