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Columbia Experience Overseas Program


Offering Columbia students high quality internship experiences in a diverse array of industries in Amman, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore through alumni and employer partnerships.

The Columbia Experience Overseas (CEO) program offers Columbia students high quality internship experiences in a diverse array of industries in Amman, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore through alumni and employer partnerships. As globalization increases, international cultural exposure and work experiences become more important to successfully navigating and meeting the demands of the changing work environment. This program offers students the opportunity to gain industry experience while living in a new city. They are paired with an alumni mentor and also participate in professional development training and networking events while in country.

Experiential Education and Student Enterprises Team at the Center for Career Education 

This team works with the CCE Sponsored Internship and Externship Programs including the CEO Program across the seven cities. 

  • Heather Perceval, Associate Dean
  • Jennie Preis, Senior Associate Director
  • Jill Burya, Associate Director
  • Laura Maltz, Associate Director
  • Emily Rosenberg, Assistant Director
  • Philip Grace, Program Counselor

Student Experiences:

“I highly recommend this program to any student is willing to take a chance to have the experience of a lifetime. My favorite part of the experience was being able to spend two months, which is just the amount of time needed to really get a feel for a new place, exploring a foreign country with my peers. The fact that it was a new experience for most of us also made it quite fun, and I would 100% do it all over again if given the chance.”

Melissa Cheung, CC 2015, The Open Classroom, CEO Hong Kong 

“This is my second time doing a CEO program, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I highly recommend these opportunities to other Columbia students. It's a great way to live and learn in a foreign country, and it gives you a professional experience that you would not find in the USA. This internship was exactly what I hope to find in my future job and career path. It was extremely fulfilling, and I would love to go back and work in Amman.”

Meghna Mukherjee, CC 2015, The King Hussein Foundation - King Hussein Headquarters, CEO Amman  


The CEO internship program is a combination of gaining full time work experience over the summer in an international location, immersing yourself in new, exciting experiences, connecting with Columbia alumni, networking with professionals and learning about career opportunities. Program features include the following: 

  • Pre-program training that includes a program overview, guest speaker presentations, goal setting workshops with the support of a career counseling professional, a chance to speak with past participants of the program and discuss any logistical questions with the program manager.
  • Eight-week summer internship, Mid-June - early August
  • Housing with other CEO interns provided by CCE (required)
  • Alumni Club mentor to provide personal and professional guidance and support throughout the summer. 
  • Social and networking events with the Alumni Club as an opportunity to meet other mentors, Columbia alumni and network with professionals.
  • End-of-Program Reflection Session that includes evaluation of the internship experience, goal attainment analysis and larger career development discussion.
  • Financial Support for travel and visa fees (on a case-by-case basis). For more information on budgeting for your CCE summer internship, click here.


Upon completion of the CEO program, students will have gained substantive international work experience and cross-cultural skills. Students will also have had opportunities to network with professionals and active Columbia alumni in an international setting. Finally, with the support of a career counseling professional, students will be able to reflect upon their internship and articulate their experiences to highlight key transferable skills.


View our summer opportunities page to see the list of CEO positions currently available in LionSHARE.  In addition, you can search for city-specific opportunities in LionSHARE by searching "CEOCityName" (e.g. "CEOHongKong").  The deadline for summer 2015 CEO positions is Sunday, February 8, 2015.


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