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Columbia Center for Oral History


The center is open to the public and has an archive of over 8,000 interviews, including thoes of major public figures, large-scale research and urban-history projects, and institutional histories.

We hold over 8,000 interviews; over 1,000 of these are biographical interviews of major figures in philanthropy, government, human rights, media history, public health, science and medicine.  We also conduct large-scale research and urban history projects as well as government and institutional histories.  CCOH holds one of the largest oral history collections on the New Deal in the country, an expansive history of Social Security Administration, interviews with leaders of the American Civil Rights movements, women’s liberation and equality movements, anti-war movements, legal history, women in the visual arts, the Republican era in China, 1930s Argentina, and more.

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To search our collection, use the form to the right or visit the CCOH Portal.

Use the Archive

Learn how to search the archives, and the policies guiding use of our archival materials on our Archive Page.

Discover Our Projects

We have a massive collection of “project-based” interviews on such topics as philanthropy, government, social movement organizing, the arts, and more. A downloadable list of our projects will be available soon.

Explore Our Online Exhibitions

We have several online exhibitions featuring audio and video material, as well as downloadable transcripts.


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