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Center for National Health Development in Ethiopia


The Center for National Health Development in Ethiopia supports efforts to improve health and lives of Ethiopians by working to meet the substantive health goals of the state.

The Center for National Health Development in Ethiopia (CNHDE), supports efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Ethiopia. It provides technical support for the implementation and evaluation of the Health Extension Program (HEP) in Ethiopia, and manages both the Malaria Quick Impact Initiative for Africa and the Millennium Villages Project in Ethiopia.

CNHDE conducted an impact assessment of the Health Extension Program of the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. HEP is an government run, community-based primary health care delivery system that works to provide universal coverage of the rural population – 85% of Ethiopia’s total population - with essential health promotion and preventive services. HEP reaches communities in remote areas of the country where traditional health services provided by the government are non-existent. CNHDE conducted two surveys, one in 2005 to serve as a baseline for evaluation, and a follow-up survey in 2007. The main objective of the evaluation survey was to generate critical information for policy-makers and program managers working in health in the country. The evaluation showed a significant improvement in health outcome measures over a two-year period, particularly in access to sanitation and malaria prevention.

As part of the UN's Quick Impact Initiative to accelerate progress on the MDGs, CNHDE assists in coordinating the Breaking the Bottlenecks to Malaria Control in Africa (BTB) program. It provides extensive in-country expertise to several African countries, including Ethiopia, on scaling up national malaria control programs. BTB focuses on implementation challenges, addressing the logistical, procedural and institutional bottlenecks to malaria treatment and prevention. CNHDE uses the BTB initiative to serve as a bridge between many agencies working on malaria control in Africa and leverages resources to help countries secure sufficient funding to enact their malaria control strategies.

CNHDE in the Millennium Villages

CNHDE coordinates malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTD) control programs in the Millennium Villages (MV). In partnership with the NTD program, CNHDE develops protocols and guidelines for epidemiological and entomological surveys, diagnoses and treatment of malaria cases, de-worming of school children, promotes use of insecticide-treated bed nets, and application of indoor insecticide in the MVs.