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Center on Child Protection


The center contributes to child protection in Indonesia by researching, analyzing, and evaluating information collected by the government.


Columbia University, the University of Indonesia, UNICEF, and BAPPENAS (Ministry of Planning) established the Center on Child Protection (PusKaPA) at the University of Indonesia in December 2009 through a cooperative agreement with USAID Indonesia.  The mission of the Center is to contribute to the systematization and professionalizing of the field of child protection in Indonesia—playing an essential role in research, analysis and evaluation of information collected by the government as well as programmatic and policy response. A group of interdisciplinary, cross-institutional faculty and staff are building the capacities of government practitioners and academics through the Center on Child Protection to promote uniform, sustainable solutions to complex problems affecting children, their families, and communities.

The Center pursues its goals through three inter-related sets of activities:

Research to support systems and evidenced-based programming and policy development with valid and reliable data on the situation of child rights and child protection.

Training, Advocacy and Model Development to build the capacity of government officials and civil society practitioners to foster responsible, evidence-based policy planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Curriculum Development to design a skills-based concentration that prepares future generations dedicated to improving the protection and well-being of children in Indonesia.