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Alliance Program

Dual Master in International Affairs Sciences Po – SIPA: Graduation 2014


The Alliance Program is an academic joint venture between Columbia University and the École Polytechnique, Sciences Po, and Panthéon-Sorbonne University, created to pursue innovation in education and research by sharing knowledge, practices, and resources.
Preparing Our Universities for the Future

In 2002, four world-leading academic institutions and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs envisioned the Alliance Program to be a pioneering model for Franco-American collaboration for the new millennium.

Columbia University, the Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences Po, and the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne shared a common vision of their evolving role in a world of interdependence and complexity, which called for new paths to excellence.

A unique partnership of excellence at the global stage, the Alliance Program was born: “un des nec plus ultra des réseaux internationaux des grandes écoles s’appelle Alliance” (Le Monde de l’Education).

Today, the Alliance Program has become a vivid hub for Franco-American talents, with its cutting-edge joint education programs, its unique network of faculty in all disciplines, and its vibrant offer for discussions and global dialogue at the highest level. Every year, more than 240 students and 80 professors benefit from the Alliance network, and 40 conferences are organized in Paris and New York on the pressing issues of our time.

The Alliance Program forecasts tomorrow’s global university. It is now endowed for what is the first-ever collaborative endowment of its kind. Columbia University and the three French partners continue to innovate, while their visionary endeavors, their model for academic collaborative work, and their contribution to transatlantic debate are widely praised.

“Un réseau unique d’échanges universitaires avec la France” (Les Echos).