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Madeleine Dobie

Professor of French and Romance Philology
School of the Arts
French and Romance Philology Department
510 Philosophy Hall
  • Director, MA in French Studies in a Global Context

My teaching and research areas include francophone/postcolonial literatures and cinemas of North Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean and the cultural dimensions of migration and diaspora. I also teach and write about eighteenth-century French culture, particularly with regard to orientalism, colonialism and the history of slavery. 

My most recent book, co-written with historian Myriam Cottias, is a critical re-edition of two mid twentieth-century novels by the Martinican writer, Mayotte Capécia. Our introductory essay explores the convergence of race, gender, colonialism and the Vichy regime that formed the context of these two polygraphic texts.

Currently, I am writing a book about hostage figures in contemporary media, literature and film. The project explores the intersection of political, philosophical and aesthetic questions in a corpus of works from France, Algeria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Other work in progress includes an essay on Pascale Casanova’s République mondiale des lettres, a pair of essays on film adaptations of Algerian novels and on the history of criticism of Algerian cinema, and a bibliographic piece on approaches to eighteenth-century French colonialism.

As director of Columbia’s Paris-based MA program in French Cultural Studies I am also leading the transition to a new interdisciplinary MA in Mediterranean Studies.

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